Rug Vs Carpet: Which one to Choose The Right Choice

Are you looking for a soft and comfortable floor covering? There are two choices – a rug or a carpet. These two terms are quite confusing and are used interchangeably, some people misunderstand the meaning of these two terms. In some of the countries including India, both these terms possess the same meaning while in other countries like the USA these two terms are completely different.

A carpet covers the whole floor wall to wall and a rug covers only a specific area of the floor.

Let’s break it down further, carpets, those which run wall to wall, covers the floor completely, generally tacked or cemented, with any underlying pad. Carpets are completely slip-resistant and give a unified look to space, even better if you’re using it in multiple rooms. Carpets are good for families with young children since they cover hard and cold surfaces and are good for young kids crawling on hands and knees. Since large washable rugs are hard to wash, so choosing a carpet might be helpful in this case, dirt and moisture are more difficult to remove from a rug, this is an advantage of a carpet over an area rug.

Area rugs are the other best option available, it’s for those who are looking to avoid the cold of bare feet on bare floors. Rugs are great for people interested in creating a unique theme for their home decor, they can use different styles for different rooms. They are not just easy to clean but rugs are also movable. The amazing thing is, you can change and rearrange the rug to match your furniture or wall color. Moreover, rugs come in different shapes and sizes that extend a huge variety to choose from.

Here is one thing to consider before you choose between an area rug or a carpet, once you buy an area rug, it’ll be yours forever. Wall to wall carpeting, once installed, will stay as long as it’ll need to be replaced. Just because a carpet is specifically cut to be installed your space, you can’t take it with you when you move. No matter your choice, a rug or a carpet is a great investment in your home. Talk to our experts at The Rugs Cafe, they can help you what will be best for you.

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