Hand Knotted Rugs

Why Are Handmade Rugs Better Than Machine Made Rugs?

Nothing makes a house feel like a home than when it is filled with loved ones and treasured items. After all, it’s the simple things at home that tell a story of thoughtful curation and craftsmanship. As a globally inspired brand of carpets and rugs, Jaipur Rugs is here to answer one of the most commonly asked questions on why handmade rugs are better than machine-made rugs. Here are five reasons why:

Handmade pieces often allow artists to express their eclectic mix of cultures and inspirations. Here in this scenario, handmade carpets and rugs are unique to the person who made them as it is a consequence of their knowledge and experience.

Fun fact, because weaving durable and intricate carpets or rugs require so many years of refined skills that many often categorize this handicraft as art.

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