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How to design your own custom rug

Have you ever imagined designing your own custom rug? Maybe you want to add a cute bunny to a nursery rug. Or maybe you took a picture of a beautiful pattern you saw while walking the streets in India and wish you could have brought this back with you. At the Handy Crafts India, we can make that dream into reality! We make custom rugs so you can add your own personal touch and have creative power over the design of your rug. In this blog post, we choose to focus on oriental rugs as they are the easiest to customize. But you can still make custom rugs from our collections, including our felt ball rugs and other Indian wool rugs. We always make sure this is an enjoyable and hassle-free experience for you!

Custom rugs are made with an innovative process where, as the customer, you decide the style, design, colors and shape of your rug. With Handy Crafts India , you not only get to design your very own custom rug but also experience the entire rug making process with us! This is becoming more and more popular among Handy Crafts India rug-lovers and, therefore, we created a clear process to help you choose and design your rug effortlessly.

Over the years, we have created masterpiece custom rugs which are unique, creative and rare. And, we are constantly pleasantly surprised by how fun and creative our rug buyers are!

But before delving deeper into the process of making your perfect custom rug, let’s talk more about oriental rugs and how they are made. This will help you understand the craftsmanship of these incredible rugs. It will also help you decide if you prefer a hand tufted rug or hand knotted rug.


Many people believe that oriental rugs are, basically, rugs that are made in the Orient. This usually includes rugs from China, Nepal, India, Turkey and other parts of the Middle East. They are also known as Indian rugs or Persian rugs due to their origin. However, oriental rugs are not so much named after “where” they are from as much as “how” they are made!

Oriental rugs are made in a very special way which make them the heirloom rugs that can be passed on from generation to the next. They are stunning both in quality and design. They are the perfect living room rug if you want to create a bold statement and add an exotic historical touch to your room.

the Handy Crafts India rug-owners often receive compliments for displaying one of our modern oriental rugs. They definitely make a huge impact as they harmoniously marry contemporary and antique. But it is truly the craftsmanship involved in making the Handy Crafts India modern oriental rugs that make them special.

At The Handy Crafts india, we make our modern oriental rugs in India. This results in our rugs having beautiful interwoven patterns and floral outlines. We use high quality wool and bamboo silk. Our rugs collection showcases detailed designs and vibrant colors made of natural dyes. Our oriental rugs can be hand knotted and hand tufted.


Hand knotted and hand tufted are both oriental rugs, but not quite the same! The difference lies in the complex way they are made. Because of this, the time frames of making a hand knotted and hand tufted rug are quite different.

Hand knotted rugs are made by our skilled team of weavers using ancient techniques. These rugs are made by hand and are very time-consuming. Each piece of wool is placed on a specially designed loom so The Handy Crafts Indiaweavers can carefully and slowly work their magic. The raw wool is carded, cleaned and dyed into beautiful vibrant-colored yarn.

Then, the makers set vertical threads in the loom to hold the yarn together tightly and create the durable rugs they are to become. They start tying knots one by one into the warp thread, paying close attention to the design requested. This is a meticulous job so you can understand why admire our weavers so much for their expertise!

Finally, the knots are secured, and an exquisite oriental rug has been created! The final step is washing the rug and trimming any extra pile to even it out. Complex, stunning and glossy, our hand knotted rugs are a true work of art.

On the other hand, we have our beloved hand tufted rugs. These rugs are less labor intensive as they are not made by tying individual knots. This allows them to be a more affordable option, although they boast the same exceptional quality.

Our experienced rug makers receive a backing that features an imprint of the requested design. Then they carefully use a tufting gun to push the wool through the backing following the design. A foundation is applied to the backing using a safe latex glue. After that, a protective cloth is added to the rug’s back.

Lastly, the rug is sheared to create a high-quality pile. Although less complex than hand knotted rugs, hand tufted rugs are still beautiful pieces to add to any living space.


Now, you might be asking yourself which rug is the best choice for you. There are some key differences between our hand knotted and hand tufted rugs and these might help you choose.

If you are looking for delicate craftsmanship and a durable heirloom rug that can be passed onto the next generation, opt for the hand knotted rug. Here, you are not just paying for the high quality of the rug, but, especially, for the devotion, precision and attention of the artisans.

On the other hand, if you enjoy redecorating and switching things up every few years, then a hand tufted rug might be the best option for you. These rugs are eye-catching but do not come with a hefty price tag. Their affordable prices will allow you to follow trends and easily buy another modern oriental rug when you are itching for change!

Whichever rug you decide to choose, you will never feel disappointed by THCI’S quality and designs. These luxurious rugs carry a historical, cultural and artisanal value like no other rug you will find!


So, you have finally decided which rug is best for you and now you wish to customize it! Here are four simple steps that THCI has created to make it happen!

1. Choose your design

Here, you can select from our vast range of rug pictures. You can specify the size, colors and designed that you find in our display. Or, if you can ask for specific changes to be made, like, different colors, shape, size or design.

If you have a specific design in mind, don’t hesitate to share that with us too. Our team of designers will help you turn your words into drawings so that you can recreate exactly what you had in mind. You can even send us pictures or paintings if you have any!

2. Review and approve CAD drawing

Our designers, then, create custom CAD drawings for you to show how your design looks like on a THCI rug. Don’t hesitate to ask specific questions and to make changes if you want to. We really enjoy this part of the process as you get to be involved in the making and learn more about designing oriental rugs! To give you a better idea of what a CAD drawing will look like, here is an example below. To the right you can find the CAD drawing of a hand knotted rug and to the left is the CAD drawing of a hand tufted rug

While reviewing these CAD drawings, you have the opportunity to work closely with our design team to have a behind-the-scenes experience with the THCI’S Team. You can even ask for a sample of the rug if you want to – although this might add to the delivery time of the finished product.

Once you are happy with the design and colors, you can approve the CAD drawing and let the work begin!

3. Making your custom rug!

This is the exciting part: your dream is about to turn into reality! Now that you know the difference between hand knotted and hand tufted rugs, you have a clearer idea of what to anticipate in this stage.

We will keep you updated at different times during the making process. Hand knotted rugs can take up to 14 weeks to make depending on the design and size you choose! Hand tufted rugs will take less time (about 10 weeks) since they are less complex to make.

Our amazing weavers and makers will pay attention to the CAD drawing you approved to create your custom oriental rug. They will use the highest quality wool and bamboo silk. We chose these materials as they are natural and sustainable. Bamboo silk gives your custom rug its beautiful sheen and wool creates strong and durable products.

Our artisans take care of the fringe, backing and evening out the pile. The rug is washed and cleaned multiple times to rid it of any dirt it might have. The result is breathtaking! We have been making these rugs for years, and yet, every time we can only admire the quality of the finished product!

4. Ready for shipping

Finally, your rug is ready for you! And we are happy to ship it to you for free! No matter where you are in the world, The Handy Crafts India promises your rug will reach your home safely. We also promise to refund any extra costs such as taxes or custom fees.

So here you have it: your own custom rug! And don’t forget, if you are looking for something different than our oriental rugs, you are welcome to make custom rugs from our other rug collections as well!

Now that you are well-informed and ready, you can start this fun adventure with us by checking our online rugs collection. The THCI team is happy to answer any additional questions you might have about this, so feel free to reach out. We hope this blog post has helped you clear any doubts you had about custom oriental rugs and allows you to start designing your own piece of art!

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